​How to choose a stroller? Important parameters!


There are countless strollers on the market, ranging from a hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan, and at the same time, there are overwhelming advertisements... If you want to filter out the genuine and fake recommendations for a stroller that is truly worth buying, you need to know the important parameters of the stroller‼ ️Purchase rationally:

First, rank the following three items in order of importance to you: safety, comfort, and price budget. Next, let’s talk about safety and comfort:

1. Integrated seat back hard support: Newborns’ spine and bones are not fully developed yet, so they are not suitable for sitting in a soft environment. Compared with many three-stage backrests on the market, the integrated hard support is better It protects and supports the baby's spine; the inferior three-stage model has potential safety hazards of breakage and problems with lying down;

2. Seat angle: A well-designed stroller will take into account the problem of newborns lying flat and sitting upright later; multi-level angle adjustment will make the stroller more versatile. Babies under 6 months old need to lie flat. The maximum degree is 165-175 degrees; after the baby can sit and start to explore the outside world, the minimum degree is 90-95 degrees, which allows the baby to sit upright when leaning on the back of the chair and prevents him from lying down;

3. Shock absorber system: Shock absorbers are very important! ! ! Poor shock absorption not only damages the baby's bones, but the bumpy feeling makes the baby definitely not sit in the car obediently; do not test it on indoor tile floors. A truly excellent shock absorber system can withstand the test of uneven roads in various outdoor scenes. ; In addition, the low-cost suspension system will be designed to add four-wheel external shock absorber springs. You can see by pressing the body downward with your hand that the cushioning is much better than that of cars without this design; every car will brag about its own shock absorbers. Okay, but that’s not the case. Adults can’t sit in it and really feel it. Only babies can experience the bad experience of inferior cars...

4. Whether the seat can be turned: one-way or two-way; in order to maximize the sense of security for young babies, it is recommended to choose a car that can be turned in two directions. This can save a baby crib accessory or basket and allow the baby to face Adults can also check the baby's condition at any time, which will help reduce crying; if you plan to equip it with a lathe or a basket, it can be used in both directions;

5. Car closing: One-click one-hand car closing or two-step car closing; this requires you to evaluate your future living habits. If you often take the baby out alone, one-click one-hand car closing is necessary. If Most of the time when there are two adults or more when going out, this parameter can be put later and other parameters should be given priority;

6. Frame stability and car weight: Enough alloy reinforcement support at a lower cost will improve the stability. Generally, the more solid the materials are used, the weight of the car will also increase to a certain extent. In addition, some high-end brands on the market will use more advanced Alloy materials are used to reduce the weight of the car; many mothers and fathers are keen to choose lightweight cars, but lightness and safety, stability and good shock absorption are opposite propositions. When purchasing, we also need to consider whether to sacrifice the safety and comfort of the baby. Ask for lightness

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